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Product Description

The testo 270 will enable you to work more reliably, intuitively and efficiently: you will find this cooking oil tester to be a competent assistant, helping you achieve impeccable quality assurance when it comes to your frying processes. Easy cooking oil monitoring using the testo 270 will enable you to observe critical TPM values, so that you can change the oil at just the right time. This saves you from changing the cooking oil more frequently than is necessary, allowing you to benefit from the associated cost savings.

Delivery Scope

testo 270 cooking oil tester including  plastic case, calibration protocol, training card, instruction manual and batteries.

Oil Tester Indications

Green Light: 0 to 18 % TPM

Yellow: 19 to 23 % TPM

Red: 24 % TPM

Temperature - PTC

Measuring range

+40 to +200 °C


±1.5 °C


0.1 °C

TPM - Capacitive

Measuring range

0.0 to 40.0 % TPM


±2 % TPM (+40 to +190 °C)


0.5 % TPM (+40 to +190 °C)

General technical data

Storage temperature

-20 to +70 °C


255 g

Reaction time

Approx. 30 s

Application temperature

+40 to +200 °C


50 x 170 x 300 mm

Operating temperature

0 to +50 °C


ABS / ABS-PC fibre glass 10%

Protection class



1 year

Alarm features

Upper and lower TPM limit value freely adjustable, visual alarm via 3-colour display back-lighting (green, orange, red), values and illumination flash in the display until the measurement is ended (Auto Hold)

Battery type

2 AAA micro batteries

Battery life

approx. 25 h continuous operation (corresponds to approx. 500 measurements )

Display type


Display size

2 lines

Display lighting


testo 270 - Cooking Oil / Frying Oil Tester acc. to Punjab Food Authority, HACCP & NSF Certified

  • Rs.90,000

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